What Marathon?

Shortly after Wisconsin, I had a brilliant idea to sign up for the Houston Marathon to stay in shape. Well, it is now one month away and I am not in shape! Running a marathon sounded like an awesome plan back in September, but now, not so good. I have done a few long runs and few tempo runs, but I definitely don’t feel like I should be toeing a start line anytime soon.

My idea was to run Houston and qualify for Boston. I would then go to Boston in April, and add this to doing the IM in October and have a Year of Championships. Well reality has sat in and that is not happening this year. So what should I run it for now? If I qualify for Boston, I can go in 2010. However, after my quest for Kona, 2010 is going to be The Year of Shani. That is me doing the home improvements we have put off to pay for the Kona trip.

As far as training today, I will head out the door tonight for a tempo run. It was way too cold to run this morning and I am still quite tired from the A4M show in Las Vegas over the weekend. I love Vegas, but it can really take it out of you when you are there for work.

Have good day training, and more to come as I figure out this whole Blog thing!

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