Age Does Not Matter

This past weekend at the A4M show in Las Vegas, NV,  I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Joe Maroon.  He is one of the premier Neurosurgeons in the world.  Why is this important? Because at 68 he just finished his 3rd Ironman World Championship in Kona.  Here is an article written about him in the Pittsburgh paper shortly before the race.

Dr. Maroon is a gracious and brilliant man that must inspire many to do more at 68 years of age.  Not to mention, he is training for an Ironman in the climate and hills of Pittsburgh which should inspire anyone training for this event.
It is early and I am going to head out and do a marathon paced tempo run and get back to see the kids off to school and start work.  My coach is under the weather right now with a severe case of pneumonia and not able to post too many workouts.  This is not that bad of thing since I am still in the off season and still not 100% committed to the marathon.
Good Training

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