Vitamin Talk

What does someone that has access to over 700 supplement products take? Since I started at Douglas Labs, Inc. I have tried just about everything. Here are a few of my favorites during the off season:

Elite Athlete Multi-Vitamin
This is a Dr. Specialty item in the Douglas Catalog designed by Dr. Cooper. Great formula designed for the active endurance athlete.

This is an enteric-coated fish oil supplying a high dose of EPA. This product is so pure and made so well, you have no chance of burping it up. If you are going to rely on your heart so much for this sport, you need to take good care of it.

Provides immune system support and is featured in countless clinical studies. Made by Mucos in Germany. I don’t train or recover without it.

I have tried many other products, but with this still the off season, I keep it simple. More to come as the season kicks off and I will talk about recovery beverages, bars, gels etc.

Good Training

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