The Huff

For those that train for the marathon,  there is no other ritual quite like the weekend long run. This Sunday will be my longest run for the marathon and we hit right at 2:50.  We ran most of it on trail and finished up the last hour on pavement.  I think I feel decent enough to try and qualify for Boston.

The big surprise was my friend Mike Huffine.  This is a guy 18 months ago that was over 50 pounds overweight,  who now is almost back to his svelte high school physique.  I did what I could to break him the last hour and he would not go away.
Mike was a great swimmer in high school and he obviously had the genetic potential.  Now all of those endurance genes are coming back during the run.  His first marathon is going to be one to watch.  
Being a former piece of chunk myself,  nothing inspires me more than to see someone that makes a choice to get off the couch and go out there and challenge themselves.  Mike is not just running,  he is trying to race.
Seeing people challenge themselves to not only get fit,  but to perform is an awesome site.  It does not matter what age you are,  you can always find a way to compete.  After all,  the guy that just won the Ironman was 37.
Lastly,  we attended the most awesome Christmas party last evening for the Woodlands Masters Swim Team.  It was hosted by one of the classiest gentleman ever,  Dave Smally.  This affair was at one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen and had food to die for.  Not only is the WMST the best Masters program in the country,  we know how to party in style.
Shani and I are off to Pittsburgh tomorrow,  so I doubt there will be much training until I get back on Wednesday.
Good Training,

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