Saturday is an Off Day

Today is an off day for my marathon training. It is hard to set here though with the weather so warm here in Houston.

Yesterday’s run was crazy with the temperature at 72 degrees at 6:30 in the morning with 100% humidity. It felt like a summertime run while trying to do the intervals.

I have found a large retention pond that is exactly 1 mile around and it has dirt which makes it a bit easier on the legs. I ran down to to the pond and did 3 x 1 mile intervals on the way down and did 5 around the pond when I got there. I met up with my friend Mike Young he did a few loops with me. One of those loops, Mike held 7:00 pace which he was very pleased with. Mike recently completed IM AZ back in April and had a great race season in 2008. He plans on doing the Houston 1/2 marathon.

The intervals went ok despite the heat with all of them at goal pace or faster of 6:50 per mile. On the last two, our local pro Michelle Leblanc showed up and ran them with me. She can fly. Michelle is one of the fastest female cyclist alive and can also light up the run. I do a lot of training with her because she really pushes me since I am like every other male athlete not wanting to lose to girls! However, she often leaves me in the dust as to remind me who the boss is while we train.

I finished the day up with a bike ride with my daughter on her new mountain bike from Santa. She loves cruising the trails and shifting the gears. She hit the mud pretty hard yesterday and had her first real tasted of getting dirty on the bike. Now my problem is that I don’t have a mountain bike myself. I knew it would not take long before I found some other piece of equipment I just have to have. Time to hit E-Bay!


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