Early Run and a Texans Game

I got up early for a 1.5 hour run as this week was an off week, so I did not have to shuffle around for 3 hours this morning. The run felt fine, but I still feel that my fitness is lacking for this marathon. The weather turned cooler yesterday right during my recovery ride so the run this morning was in the low 40’s with some rain. Much more seasonal than the balmy 74 degrees on Friday. I did a mile at my aerobic max pace and was at 7:40 per mile. I am normally around 7:20 so my aerobic fitness is nowhere near it was prior to Wisconsin. I guess this is fine since I am not trying to peak until October.

After the run, Parker and I received some complimentary tickets from the Kiniffic’s and headed to our first Texan’s game. Parker loved it and we had a great time. Parker had an entire bag of cotton candy and a few cokes. Nothing like a sugar diet during a football game. Of course we were playing the Chicago Bears. What a surprise that bunch of drunk Bear fans would start a fight a few seats over from us. The good thing was Houston’s finest had them hauled out of there pretty quick. The Texan’s had nothing to play for and still managed to whip the Bears. Maybe next year the Texans can make the playoffs and give Houston some postseason excitement for the first time in quite a while.

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