Home Office / More Cruise Intervals

It has been a few days since my last post,  mainly because nothing monumental has occurred-with my training.  

The big news around here is the investment in my home office.  I am fortunate to be able to work from home when I am not traveling so having a place to work is important.  For the past 7 years, I have been working on a desk that is a piece of crap purchased for $80.00 in 1998 from IKEA,  a left over kitchen table,  two old book cases $45.00 from IKEA topped off with junk laying all over the floor.  Well, Shani suggested I stop being so cheap and we went back to IKEA on Monday night.  Wow has that place changed.  We found an awesome workstation,  some new book shelves that are huge and an awesome new filing cabinet.  

The hard part was fitting all of it in the mini-van,  but we managed.  Like every other obsessive compulsive triathlete,  I was determined to put the stuff together when we got home.  We managed to get the desk and the bookshelves thrown together and got the old junk moved out of the room.  The only problem was it was close to midnight when we finally went to bed.  Now back to training.

I was supposed to do 7 x 1 mile at 20 seconds faster than marathon pace on Tuesday.  Because I was too excited about fixing up the office,  I only did a 40 minute run.  I will be heading out the door this morning and doing the intervals.  My legs felt good yesterday so hopefully today will be the same.

My diet however has lacked.  The holidays are a killer.  I read all the articles about snacking before parties,  alcohol moderation,  blah,  blah, blah.  Well,  I have enjoyed every moment with my family this holiday season including some nice meals at Rico’s for lunch and some good wine with Shani.  Kona is still a long way away.  Looks like I have a good New Year Resolution for myself to get back to healthy eating.

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