Happy New Year

Before I get into New Years Day, here is an update on yesterday’s inervals. I had 7 x 1 mile repeats at 15 – 20 seconds faster than goal marathon pace, which means I hold about 6:50 per mile. My legs felt pretty strong from the start so I clicked off the intervals with no problem. I enjoyed listening to IM Talk and found the Hot Tub when I was done. Basically, a pretty good day!

Today is New Years day and time for resolutions. I think I speak for many triathletes out there, especially those doing IM races that resolutions are kind of silly. Most of us have goals already set for the upcoming season and we don’t just think about working out more, we would kill to work out more! For us it is not about losing weight, but about competing and letting our bodies get to the point where we are the fastest.

Back in 2002 I found myself training for my first marathon. I stopped worrying about losing weight, diets and other silliness and started training. I found a sport I loved to do and started doing it. For me, running is fun, swimming is fun and cycling is fun. If you are looking to get fit, find something you like and go out there and challenge yourself. Instead of saying, I am going to get in shape, set a resolution to break 4 hours in the marathon, break 1:30 in the 1/2 or like me in 2008? qualify for Kona.

What makes the above goals different than most is they have a set point of accomplishment and they allow you to enjoy the journey. Training for an event like the Ironman requires a lot of time. If you don’t enjoy the training, then you are in the wrong sport. Yes there are days that are tougher to get motivated than others, but 99% of the time, I just love being out there.

This Year’s goal is simple for me, cross the finish line along Ali Drive. The good part is I have 10 months to enjoy the journey of getting ready to compete in Kona.

Today marks the official start of the 2009 tri-season, so whatever your race goal is, set it and go get it!

Good Training,

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