Marathon Tempo Run

Today was a good test of my ability to run a decent marathon.  I had a 10 mile run with 6 of it at Marathon pace.  My goal was to keep the HR at 160 or less and see what the legs could do.

Unfortunately yesterday, I chose to eat some wings and have a few beers at Buffalo Wild Wings. They have good food,  but not excatly a hangout for aspiring endurance athletes.  I met my friend Mike and his kids and we let everyone play video games while we watched some bowl games.  My chosen lunch diet made for an interesting GI experience during the run.
Even with some stomach upset,  I still managed to clip off the miles at about 7:05 average and 160 beats per minute (bpm).  The weather was a bit rough with 64 degrees and 100% humidity. This led to an all out sweat-fest (I think the beer helped with this),  which required a lot of water.
I don’t like to drink Gatorade during the winter.  I try and stick with water and give my body a break from that beverage.  However,  I could have used some Gatorade this morning.
I hope to get back out on the bike tomorrow for a few hours and finish off the weekend with my last long run before the marathon.
Good Training,

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