Marathon Taper

Today starts the marathon taper. It is always nice to taper and begin the healing process from all the work. However, for me, they are always hit or miss. I have had some of my best races without much rest and have had some really good ones with a lot of rest.

Running brings on a different dilemma because you don’t want to show up sore from running, but you have to be ready to run. For triathlons, I usually cut the running out or way back and just ride and swim and let myself heal. That worked great for IM Wisconsin. For this marathon, I plan on keeping up with a few more runs, but taking it easy. I love my Newton shoes, but they do reek havoc on my calves at times.

I was able to get a good swim in last night when Hannah was doing her swim. I managed to do a few 100’s on the 1:10 and 2 on the 1:05. All of this on 2 swims a week, so I can’t complain about my swimming. Swimming Masters at WMST at the new Natatorium is pretty awesome. The caliber of swimmer up there keeps everyone sharp and the coaching is superb.

Hannah must have swam 1500 yards last night. She passed out in the car on the way home. She really loves it which is great. Swimming, Running or any individual sport is so good for girls. She got moved over a lane during her second practice and you could see the pride on her face. Shani suggested she only swim 2 days a week and I agree. I don’t want her getting burned out.

Shani is heading to Orlando tonight so I will have the Kids for the weekend. I am looking forward to having them all to myself.

Lastly, I am helping Michelle get on the web. The site is not quite ready, but we hope to be finished soon.

Good training!

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