Dad is in Charge

Shani has had to head back to Orlando to be with her mom.  That has left my two adorable angels here with me.  Here is what I have learned,  I am only able to train because my wife is raising my children!

This morning was a disaster trying to get them to school.  I do well with early morning runs, not getting folders ready, dealing with the drama from an 8 year old, making breakfast and being sure my son decides to wear shoes to school.  Don’t get me wrong,  the job was done and off they went.   However,  there is no way I could train,  keep a job and do that on a daily basis. I know many athletes that do and my level of respect just increased even more.
For those that are married and enjoy an endurance hobby like me,  don’t forget the real reason we even get to do this silly sport.  That reason being our supportive spouse.  I love mine more every day and can’t wait till she gets back from Florida.
I hope to get a quick run in tomorrow during lunch to keep the legs moving for the marathon. Good thing it is taper time.

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