Dad is in Charge – 2

I am still in charge! Hannah has changed her mood from a teenager back to an 8 year old. I got them off to school with no problems on Friday and found our morning to be quite pleasant. I understand why she gets so upset with some of the girls on our street. I hope she learns to deal with it soon as it is all part of growing up.

Since I was working, our neighbor’s the Paff’s picked them up and rode them home. That really helped me out since I was doing reviews with my sales team on the phone every hour.

Last night, Jody Gaddy came over and we shared some pizza and watched the Tivo copy of the IM from 08. It is amazing how fast Craig Alexander was running during the marathon. I read a blog post somewhere that he dropped down some sub 6 minute miles during the pass on Llanos. To do that after riding your bike 112 is awesome.

Today is Saturday and I have not been able to work out yet. Go read my other post Dad is in Charge as to why I have not worked out. I have found myself on the couch and in my office helping “Mi-Mi” get her new macbook up to speed. The coolest part about the macbook is the ability to use I-Chat and share a screen. I am controlling her macbook from here and I am able to move the files around that I need to move.

I will make today an off day and get out tomorrow afternoon when Shani gets home and do my run. During a taper, you can do too much, but not too little.

I did manage to get a run in yesterday when I took the kids to school. Instead of riding, I ran then did a short loop back to the house. I picked up the pace to add in some intensity.

Shani comes back from Orlando tomorrow. I can’t wait.

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