Shani Returns

Shani returned from Orlando today to my delight. Glad to have mom back in the house. We did our part to be sure the house was cleaned, kids laundry was done, and the floors vacuumed. Shani greeted the kids and they went right back out to play with friends.

Even though she was out this morning, I still managed to get a run in with my neighbor Jody Gaddy. Laura Gaddy watched the kids so we could head out for our last long run before next weekends marathon. I have Jody pegged to run a 3:40. That will be a big PR for him. He is running really well.

Jody and Laura also invited me and the kids out to dinner last night to Bucca Di Beppo for a little pasta. We had a nice time and enjoyed a great meal.

The last long run felt fine, I just kept it under my aerobic zone and averaged about 144 bpm. I was surprised how sore I felt this afternoon, but oh well, nothing you can do about it now. I do take our Wobenzym product all the time to help with the soreness and by the time I started writing this, most of it went away. It is mostly my calves that hurt and have the lingering pain after runs. I wonder if it is the Newton shoes at times, but my calves hurt in just about anything I run in.

Now that Shani is back, I have the feet up and watching a little playoff football. San Diego just scored the first touchdown in what appears to be some really cold and snowy weather in Pittsburgh. Hard to complain about our clear and 40 degrees that we ran in this morning here in Houston.

I have another busy week with work coming up with our sales meeting right around the corner and us launching our new CRM on Demand software. I also plan a trip to Chicago on Wednesday to see one of our best clients. That means Wednesday is definitely an off day.

Good Training,

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