Getting Lapped @ the 150

I pride myself on being a good enough swimmer to stay with the lead pack in my age group.  I care less about being the fastest,  but just like staying close to the front.  


However,  last night was an experience that will motivate me to train more.  At our nighttime masters swim,  we are limited on lanes.  Thus, we have about 6 people in the fast lane.  That means the really, really fast people like Ross Davis make me look like a real loser.  

We had to do a fast 500 after countless other swims.  I was feeling pretty good about holding my 1:10 pace.   I went 3rd and at the 150,  he caught me.  That means he was averaging 10 seconds faster than me or holding about 1:00 per 100 yards.  Ross is no spring chicken right out of college.  He is a dedicated and talented masters swimmer that gives us all something to aspire towards in the pool. 

I think we all need to train with people like Ross.  You will not beat them,  but they sure keep you from loafing during a set.  If you loaf,  you get lapped!

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