Marathon Recovery

Today marks my 3rd day since the marathon and I have to say that I feel pretty good.  Our Wobenzym product really helps with the inflammation and I have been loading up on it to the tune of 16 a day.

I also headed to the pool last night and swam about 2000 yards super slow and loosened up the legs and hamstrings.
Unfortunately,  I have not been sleeping too well.  You would think sleep would come easy,  but after an event like that I feel overtrained and one of the symptoms for me is broken sleep.  I also have my sales meeting starting today and I have been constantly thinking about that as well.
This week is a definitely an off week with some easy walks and swims.  What always amazes me,  is how I feel,  but yet a cyclist in the Tour De France goes out there every day for a month and delivers the goods.  
The Tour Down Under is being covered by Versus.  The show is only 30 minutes, but thanks to Lance’s comeback,  I am sure we will be seeing a lot more cycling coverage on the TV this season.  Don’t forget to set the TIVO.

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