Busy @ My Meeting

My sales meeting kicked off on Wednesday evening and so far it has consumed my time.  The cool part is we are at the Cooper Clinic the company that formulated my favorite product,  the Elite Athlete Multi-Vitamin.

Cooper is an awesome facility in Dallas with 2 pools,  gym, running track and easy access to the trail at White Rock Lake if you want to cycle.  If you are in Dallas, this is the place to stay.
Our meeting could not be going better.  Yesterday I had Franklin Covey come in and train the team on time and life management skills.  Great course and it got awesome reviews.
Our company really prides itself on creating a culture that rewards performance,  but not at the expense of other areas in ones life.
I have done a few short runs and a swim while here.  This week is a big off week from the marathon,  so nothing real challenging. I have even done my share of walking, which is always nice.  
The hardest part about being gone so many nights is I do miss my family.  Parker started his t-ball clinic last night and Shani said all of our throwing has really paid off.  I know he is going to excel this season.  I can’t wait for it to start.

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