Slowly Ramping back Up

Yesterday marked my first attempt to get back into a regular tri-oriented training routine.  I was able to get a run in early for about 4 miles then hit the pool last night for a good masters swim.

The run was very sluggish, but I got through it.  I can’t explain why you feel so out of shape after a big event,  but you just do.  There is no way you can lose that much fitness after a few days off after your race,  but your body sends weird signals to get you to take it easy.

I hope to get back on the bike this weekend.  I have all but abandoned the tri-bike since the IM.  It actually still has the race number on it and no pedals.

A few weeks ago, TJ Fry,  local swimming legend took some underwater video of us swimming. First, you should see how awesome this guy is in the pool. Unbelievable how fast he his.

He did a nice job with his new underwater camera showing us our pull.  Based on this video, I have got to stop kicking like an idiot.  

Time to get focused and get some of these flaws fixed.


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