The Bike

Well,  I got  the TT bike out last night and put it on the trainer.  I was all excited, put the power meter on,  got my new shorts on and was ready to crank out a few hundred watts….not.

I lasted for a whopping 25 minutes before my thighs were burning and my wattage was struggling to get over 160.
Today however was a different story.  I was able to do the triple!  I had a 45 minute run and a swim followed up with a ride after work.  I actually felt great during all 3.  
I had no soreness in the legs from the marathon which is a good sign.  This ride had much better wattage than expected (thanks to trying to keep up with Michelle).  
The hardest part for me to train is the bike.  I have limited time and with travel,  that makes the bike even more difficult.  Thus with a layoff like I have had from biking,  it will take me a lot longer to get back to form than with running or swimming.
I plan on another easy run early tomorrow.  No rides tomorrow night, because we have a T-Ball clinic for Parker and Hannah’s 9th birthday party.  
Shani has a big scavenger hunt planned that will be a lot of fun.  My wife is so creative!  I feel she sets the standard that most mom’s should be judged against.   I am always amazed with the stuff she comes up with and the proof will show tomorrow night when you see how much fun the girls have at the party.
Sunday should be our first bike ride in quite a while.   I can’t wait to get back out there and log some miles on the bike.

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