Riding with the Boys

Sunday marked the first time in a long while that I was back on the bike with the boys. On Sundays, our sponsor Bike Lane host a group ride. The ride is short, but has some fast spots and sprints that I normally don’t get to do during my long slog of IM training.

This Sunday’s ride was no different with a fast sprint (which I surprisingly won) followed by a moment of nausea, then some group riding where I drafted like a champion!

Riding with cyclist is always fun and quickly points out how hard bike racing can be. I just don’t see how those guys do it day after day in a stage race.

We followed up our ride with a brief run and finished it off with a nice soak in the hot tub! I say we, because I was joined by Mike Young and Mike Huffine. Both recovered from their respective 1/2 and marathon races and also ready to jump start the triathlon season.

I predict both will do well this year. Mike Young will do a sub 4:50 in a 1/2 IM and Mike Huffine’s amazing fitness transformation will lead to some surprisingly good races during is first full year triathlon racing.

With it being Super Bowl Sunday, I needed the ride to burn off some of what I planned on ingesting during yesterday’s game. The good thing about the long ride is it does just that. It burns a lot of calories!!

This week is another slow week of training to get back into the routine with a lot of short but frequent workouts.

I also signed up for the Kansas 70.3 race in June. I always enjoy racing and riding with my good friend Matt Schloegel.

Lastly, we find out what team Parker will be playing on this week as the T-Ball season begins.

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