No Weekend Ride

It is Wednesday and I am returning from a one day trip to Denver to interview a candidate for our opening there.  When I lived in Sacramento,  the travel time prevented me from doing to many one day trips.  I have learned to never underestimate how awesome it is to sleep in ones own bed at night.

My training is a bit on the rocks this week because of work and an upcoming trip to LA over the weekend for my Dad’s birthday.  Although I am not riding,  the weekend should be a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to it.  We plan on some golf Saturday and plenty of action in the casino Friday and Saturday night.  My brother in law is flying in from Pittsburgh to join us as well.
I will get most of my workouts in prior to leaving and it is still so early in the season that a few missed rides are not going to mean much.
Lastly,  I finished one of the most awesome books I have read in a long while.  It is called Shadow Divers.  An amazing story about 2 guys that find a sunken U-Boat and spend years of their lives trying to identify the boat and its crew.  I am not a scuba diver, but you don’t have to be one to enjoy this read.
It is still early and I am off to get in a 1 hour run before work.  Still warm here so the heat will feel good.

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