Great Swimming Advice

In the Woodlands, there is a local swimming legend named TJ Fry. He is an unbelievable swimmer and an amazing endurance athlete. I remember him as a kid swimming for The Woodlands Swim Team. No one could touch him in the pool.

Recently he assisted me with some underwater footage to try and help my stroke. Seeing one’s self underwater is a great way to find areas that need improvement.

TJ has a awesome website showing and discussing all kinds of swimming related topics. TJ has also been helping Michelle Leblanc and is turning her into an awesome swimmer (so much for my advantage out of the water).

If you want to improve your swim, you should take a look at TJ’s site, and watch how powerful he is underwater.

As far as the rest of my training, it was raining when I woke up this morning so no early morning ride before work today. I did however get in a good run early yesterday morning for about 1:20 before I headed out to Jasper, TX with my local Houston rep to see some clients.

This weekend is not a busy training weekend because we are off to Louisiana for my Dad’s birthday.

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