You Have to Bet to Win

I had an awesome weekend with my Dad at the Le Berge casino in Lake Charles, LA.  My Dad is not much into endurance sports,  so we find other ways to hang out!

We got there Friday night and enjoyed an incredible buffalo steak dinner followed up with some 3 card poker and pai gow.  The steakhouse at the casino is one of the best I have ever enjoyed.  They specialize in a buffalo bone in rib-eye that is out of this world.  We washed it down with some red wine and great conversation.
My brother in-law David also joined us along with my dad’s close friend Ron Masparo.  David flew in from Pittsburgh and after he thawed out, he found some time to golf with me on Saturday.
So what do I mean you have to bet to win?  If you want to hammer the house,  you have to show no fear in betting the house.  I come from a long family of gamblers (this is a good thing), that are not afraid to bet to win.  Unfortunately, I must come from some other side of the family because I am afraid to bet to win.  I enjoy winning some cash,  but the size of my bet compared to those that know how to win is a joke.  
How did my dad do?  To protect him,  let’s just say he should write a book on the title of this blog post.
You don’t train much for an Ironman in a casino.  Instead,  you call it a weekend off and enjoy time with your father and brother in law.  Kona is still a long way off and plenty of time for me to lay down some big training bets in the weekends to come.

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