Lance’s Bike / Tour of California

A pic of the stolen tt bike. There is only one like it in the... on TwitPic

Who in their right mind would steal this bike? I question people’s thought process and often wonder if someone gets up on that day and is stupid, or if it is a lifelong quest to be stupid.

I have really enjoyed watching this year’s Tour of California. From seeing my old town of Sacramento to seeing pictures of the climb on Sierra Road, the Tour of California has become a first class race for California and the US.

During the first year of the race, a group of us headed to Livermore, CA to ride the Mt. Hamilton climb and then descend into San Jose and see the real cyclist climb up Sierra Road. I could spend an hour talking about this epic day, but it still ranks as one of the best days I have ever had on a bike. Our ride was well over a century and had all the excitement of doing a climb the pros ride and seeing how they do it when they came blasting up Sierra Road. The best part of these experiences is sharing them with friends and building up your own memories.

As far as Lance’s bike, when I caught up with him back in October and road for a bit, he was on his custom made Trek road bike. His bikes are so custom that trying to pawn one of these off or ride them with your buddies would mike you look like one of America’s dumbest criminals. Cyclist are a tight knit community and when I heard about this theft, I was disappointed. However, cyclist rallied in Sacramento via Twitter and the bike turned up in a few days.

The final question is, does Lance rip the time trial in Solvang and take the lead or stay in his supporting role for Levi? I like Levi, but come on, how can you not cheer for the 37 year old?

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