It All Starts Now

On April 15th, 2009, Ironman released the list of lottery winners for the 2009 IM World Championships. Congratulations to all of those that were chosen. I hope Ironman keeps this tradition alive and gives everyone a small chance via lottery to go to Kona.

The release of the Lottery Winners is also the official start to most peoples build up for the IM World Championships. I have seen my rides increase to 4:00 with brick runs hitting :45 minutes. I had a great session on Sunday with 80 miles in the saddle followed up with some mile repeats at the track. I was so surprised at my times, because I was holding 6:17 per mile. I have also seen a few kilo’s burn off in past weeks so no doubt that is helping speed up the run.

Last week in my travels, I met a Dr. Minkoff. He is a 5 time Kona finisher and gave me some great advice about a product called M.A.P or Master Amino Profile. Although my employer does not make this product (yet), Dr. Minkoff was such a firm believer and it has a long history in triathlon that I have given it a whirl. Dr. Minkoff was kind enough to provide me with samples so I will let everyone know how it is working.

If my repeats at the track after my 80 mile ride are any indication, it is going pretty well.

My work is causing me a lot of stress right now as I am sure it is for everyone in this economy. However, I tell myself daily that if I can qualify for Kona, then I can overcome anything. My personality is such that I put drive into everything I do because I hate being second best. The same goes for work. DNF ‘ing is not an option for me, whether it be work, family or racing.

On a family note, my son is progressing so quickly at T-ball and managed to get 3 outs the other day at his game. I just love seeing him improve. He is so driven to get better and to see his confidence build each game puts a huge smile on my face. The same goes for my daughter who has completed 2 big runs in the past week. One being the Girls Run Tulip trot and the other the Conroe ISD Elementary 1 Miler. She ran hard at both races and I was so proud of her.


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