CB and I Local Race Results

The 2009 CB&I sprint triathlon is in the books. I had a goal of winning my age group and that was accomplished. This was the 3rd time I have raced it and have placed all 3 years, just never first until now. We had the largest age group with 113 people in the 35 – 39 wave.

This year’s victory was a bit of technicality, because the winner of the age group was a gentleman named Dean King. He also won the overall, so that bumped me up! Dean normally races as an elite athlete so I don’t feel so bad. This guy tore up the course and had one of the fastest run splits I have ever seen.

I want to also congratulate all of my fellow Team Finish Strong Racing athletes that tore up the course. Dana Lyons (my 50 year old coach!) and Michelle LeBlanc (local female cycling legend) took 2nd and 3rd overall. They both had bike splits of 26 mph, unbelievable! Do I need to point out again that Dana is 50+ and riding his bike 26 mph?

Ed York won his age group in the 45 – 49 division and Richard MacNamee took 2nd in the 40 – 44 age group. We had many other athletes on the podium providing for an awesome day of racing for Team FSR.

Special congratulations goes out to my friend Mike Young. Mike cut 5 minutes off his time and had is first ever top 10 placing in a race. Mike is no longer my friend, but is now competition! I am happy to report however, that he DID NOT beat me out of the water this year. My other friend Mike Huffine also finished well for his first CB&I with an impressive bike and run.

A short re-cap of my race: great swim, slow bike and a slow run. I had some really high hopes of racing faster, but it was still good enough to get the job done and finish on the podium. I learned that my bike has a long way to go and I will focus as much time as I can on getting faster on the bike. My travel with work makes that tough, but I will do what I can to pick up some speed and power.

Stephanie Young snapped this photo of me finishing.

The next race will be Silver Lake Triathlon in Pearland on May 17th.

Special thanks again to My family, all my friends, team FSR athletes, my coach Dana, our Team FSR sponsors (Bike Lane and Luke’s) and many others for their support. What a great day of racing right here in my own Woodlands backyard.

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