Silverlake Sprint Tri

On Sunday, I raced the Silverlake Sprint Triathlon. A small local race south of Houston in Pearland, TX. For a small race, the event had a grassroots feel, but excellent organization. The course was fun and fast and made for an exciting day of racing. My hats off to the race director.

The 35-39 age group went first and this gave me another opportunity to get out front during the swim. The swim was not wetsuit legal so I had the speedsuit on and sure enough, found myself out front early. There was one other guy with me and I just let him set the pace. Unlike at CB&I, I stayed a lot more relaxed and swam a bit easier.

We hit transition together, but I got out of there quickly and found myself behind the pace car on the bike. The bike course was through neighborhoods and had a lot of turns. I found this to be a blast. I felt like a cyclist cornering and standing up to pick up speed again.

I put some time on my fellow competitors and soon found myself getting ready to run. I botched my run exit and had to turn around, but did not lose too much ground. The run was on sidewalks and I was out front! First time I have raced as the lone leader and I have to admit, it felt pretty cool.

My run was right at 6:00 pace for the 3 miles and I felt really strong with the cooler weather.

The final result was 1st in the AG and 2nd overall. A 19 year old Texas A&M triathlon team member clipped me by 45 seconds for the overall from a few waves back. Congratulations to him for a great race for the overall.

I also had the privilege of talking with young Lane Baron. Lane is a 10 year old triathlon phenom, racing against kids 5 years older than himself. Lane’s mom and two sisters also race and they make it a family affair. Lane caught my attention when I looked at his 8:10/ mile run split. That is an awesome pace at 10 years old in an open run, much less off a hard and fast bike! Watch for Lane as he gets older and becomes an ITU or IM superstar.

Also congratulations to Laura Gaddy, 3rd in her AG, Mike Young 5th in AG and Mike Huffine 4th in AG.

A great day of racing and I look forward to the Silverlake Triathlon again next year.

So how do you reward yourself after a fun day of racing success? By going to eat some awesome mexican food (and a few beers!) for lunch at Rico’s with my wife, Shani.

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