Big Brick Workout / New Wheels

Last year while getting ready for the Wisconsin Ironman, my coach Dana Lyons had me do the following long workout several times:

1 Hour run (about 8 miles)
5 Hour Bike (about 100 miles)
45 minute run (about 5 miles)

This workout is not done fast, but because of the duration, it really simulates race conditions. I hate to see it on the schedule, but love when I am done with it. The final 45 minute run really simulates what your legs will feel like during the final 26 miles of the Ironman. Also, the heat is on here in Houston making it hot and humid during most of the bike and the final run. I work hard to keep my heart rate low by staying efficient during the final 45 minute run.

Sunday was the first of these workouts for this season and it went pretty well. I was real happy with my run pace of 7:30 for the first hour and 7:45 for the final 45 minutes. By October, I want this to be done at 7:00 and 7:30 respectively. I have plenty of time to get there. As far as the bike, I typically try and keep the Power at 200+ watts for the day which was pretty easy to maintain and I was right in line with my power from last year.

I talked my friend Mike Young into doing the 5 hour ride and we ended up picking up Clint Bryant at about the 3 hour mark. It is always great to have others when you are riding so far and so long. This was the first time I have ridden with Mike Y this long and I have to say, I can no longer drop him. He actually dropped me on the final sprint. What a difference a year makes.

Lastly, the old Saab finally died. I will not go into details other than the trade in value on the Saab was much less than I could get for my bike!

I ended up getting a new Honda Element fully loaded with navigation and an upgraded sound system. The cool part of the sound system is you can plug your I-Pod into the built in USB port and it pulls your entire ipod menu up on the Nav screen. You can change your music from the controls on the stereo as opposed to messing around with the Ipod as your drive. I also love this car, because you can fit a bike straight up in the back for races and rides and the floors are totally rubber. No need to worry about water, sweat and all the other things that ruin a car.

My friend Michael Woodward in California got one of these about 4 years ago and my friend Mike Young picked one up a few months ago. After driving Mike’s, I was hooked. For what I like to do, the new ride is perfect. Below are some pictures along with my chosen car model (Hannah).

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