Wheat Free for 8 Weeks

Back at the conclusion of the Buffalo Springs race, I just did not feel all that great. My training was there, my racing was going ok, but something was missing. I visited with a client while at work and he suggested that I try going Wheat Free to see what it did for me.

So, with nothing too lose, I gave up wheat. This meant, I had to give up a staple of the triathlete diet, pasta. Prior to this decision, I ate pasta averaging one meal a day. I also ate so much bread that Panera should send me a trophy.

At night I found myself hungary again and I would put down a few bowls of the kids cookie crisp. Everything felt good while I was eating it, but I just did not feel right afterwards.

So to give it up, I knew I still needed to eat carbohydrates. I have found great substitutes in rice, beans, fruit (mostly pineapple) and many other choices. I also found some rice noodles that were ok with some sauce when the kids were having pasta.

In 8 weeks, I have lost 10 lbs and my body fat has dropped to 7%. I also find that I am not having the huge hunger swings I once had prior to going wheat free. I come back from long rides on the weekends and can eat a sensible meal and not be starving a few hours later.

When I started this, I was worried about my ability to train and race. As it turns out, my training could not be any better and based on my results last weekend, I am obviously racing better.

In addition, I read an article in Cycle Sport America Magazine this week about the Garmin Slipstream team and how they follow a low inflammatory diet. The basis of this diet is to remove high inflammatory foods like wheat and substitute them with rice, vegetables, fruit and lean protein sources. In addition, they use a lot of monounsaturated fats (avocados, olive oil). Hello Guacamole!

I have told a few friends about going wheat free, but after reading the Cycle Sport article and reflecting back on the changes it has made for me, I thought I should share my success with others.

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