WMST / Swimming @ the NAT

I will start my blog with stating that we have the absolute best masters swimming program in the country. Woodlands Masters Swim Team, started by Carolyn and Tom Boak is over 200 swimmers and growing. The workout schedule is awesome with multiple coached workouts on each day to fit just about anyone’s schedule.

One of the things I enjoy is the camaraderie found at each workout. The coaching and my fellow swimmers make it a pleasure to drop down 3000 + yards every time I go. We have swimmers of all abilities and levels from people with Olympic Trial cuts to those just starting out.

I am constantly telling my friends in the triathlon community to come join us. If you want to get better at swimming, come swim with people that can kick your ass!

On an ongoing basis, I run into one individual whether she is coaching me or kicking my butt in a work out. That is Laura Davis. She is an incredible swimmer and even better coach. Typically she will give us set like 150’s with some kicking and drills as part of each 150. My favorite part is she will say, “do them on the the 2:15, but I did them on 2:00.” That is all it takes, for me to push it harder. I don’t like losing to girls (this is left over from a grade school dilemma). As you can see in the picture, if Laura is not happy with your effort in the pool, she shows her displeasure in subtle ways.

My swim has always been there for me in races and that happens becuase of all the swim training with WMST. I will be thinking of them as I head out for the 2.4 mile start of my day in Kona.

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