Moving to Video / A Few Updates

We leave one week from today to head over to Kona. Hard to believe the race is right up on me. The training is basically done and it is now time for a few fast workouts and plenty of rest.

As promised, I will begin supplementing my blog post with video updates as we get closer to the race. My hope is to give everyone coverage of the days leading up to the race showing all the excitement surrounding the Ironman World Championships.

The videos will be uploaded to You Tube and I will have them embedded on my home page at If you are really bored, be sure to follow along.

Lastly, it is that time when you begin thanking those that have helped you on the journey. I cannot thank my wife, Shani, my kids, Parker and Hannah enough for helping me prepare for this thing. They have endured me being gone most Sundays and seen me come home from a business trip, only to be running from 5:00 – 7:30 the next morning. They have done their part and now it is my turn to do mine.

I have also had many training partners on Sundays and below are a few pictures showing some of our last rides. So much of the fun in training for an event like this are the friends you make as you do the training. Special thanks to Mike, Clint, Jim, Steve, Kevin, Raul, Kyle, Al, Dana and many others for spending their Sunday mornings with me riding out to Anderson.


Also, I have to recognize my favorite charity, Girls Run. At our annual Wine Tasting event, the awesome people that make Girls Run happen raised over $70,000! We look forward to sharing those proceeds with cancer charities, especially the Livestrong Foundation in coming days.

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