Day 4 (Pre-Race)

The bike is all checked in, the gear is dropped off and it is time to have my final meal before tomorrow.

Before I go any further, I just have to say thank you. Thank you to everyone that has helped me get to this point. Tomorrow is going to be special and it is because I had so many people help me reach the starting line.

Bike check in was quite the experience. For starters, you walk through a chute with all the bike reps taking notes to see what equipment you have. Then you get your own volunteer to help you rack your bike and walk you through transition. When you are all done with your bike, they show you where to hang your bags and then give you a final good luck as you leave the area.

I have seen the transition area on television so to be able to rack my bike there next to some of the fastest bikes in the world was quite an experience.

Thank you again to everyone that helped me reach this point, especially my family. I can’t wait till tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 4 (Pre-Race)

  1. Tim,

    I watched all of your videos and continue to read you blogs. Thanks for sharing your life with those of us that care about you and your family. It is quite touching to see you achieve this goal and the excitement is electric.

    Your race was awesome in some brutal conditions. You should be proud my friend.

    Vince Hoffart, D.C.


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