Sales Meeting is Over

My sales meeting is over and I finally made it back home.  I have spent some time with the family and find myself on the couch watching the Tour Down Under.

A sales meeting is a lot like a marathon,  your energy is high the first few days,  then you have to hang on the last few,  only to be exhausted when it is done.
I look forward to a good week of continued rest from training and getting back into my normal work routine.

Busy @ My Meeting

My sales meeting kicked off on Wednesday evening and so far it has consumed my time.  The cool part is we are at the Cooper Clinic the company that formulated my favorite product,  the Elite Athlete Multi-Vitamin.

Cooper is an awesome facility in Dallas with 2 pools,  gym, running track and easy access to the trail at White Rock Lake if you want to cycle.  If you are in Dallas, this is the place to stay.
Our meeting could not be going better.  Yesterday I had Franklin Covey come in and train the team on time and life management skills.  Great course and it got awesome reviews.
Our company really prides itself on creating a culture that rewards performance,  but not at the expense of other areas in ones life.
I have done a few short runs and a swim while here.  This week is a big off week from the marathon,  so nothing real challenging. I have even done my share of walking, which is always nice.  
The hardest part about being gone so many nights is I do miss my family.  Parker started his t-ball clinic last night and Shani said all of our throwing has really paid off.  I know he is going to excel this season.  I can’t wait for it to start.

Shani Returns

Shani returned from Orlando today to my delight. Glad to have mom back in the house. We did our part to be sure the house was cleaned, kids laundry was done, and the floors vacuumed. Shani greeted the kids and they went right back out to play with friends.

Even though she was out this morning, I still managed to get a run in with my neighbor Jody Gaddy. Laura Gaddy watched the kids so we could head out for our last long run before next weekends marathon. I have Jody pegged to run a 3:40. That will be a big PR for him. He is running really well.

Jody and Laura also invited me and the kids out to dinner last night to Bucca Di Beppo for a little pasta. We had a nice time and enjoyed a great meal.

The last long run felt fine, I just kept it under my aerobic zone and averaged about 144 bpm. I was surprised how sore I felt this afternoon, but oh well, nothing you can do about it now. I do take our Wobenzym product all the time to help with the soreness and by the time I started writing this, most of it went away. It is mostly my calves that hurt and have the lingering pain after runs. I wonder if it is the Newton shoes at times, but my calves hurt in just about anything I run in.

Now that Shani is back, I have the feet up and watching a little playoff football. San Diego just scored the first touchdown in what appears to be some really cold and snowy weather in Pittsburgh. Hard to complain about our clear and 40 degrees that we ran in this morning here in Houston.

I have another busy week with work coming up with our sales meeting right around the corner and us launching our new CRM on Demand software. I also plan a trip to Chicago on Wednesday to see one of our best clients. That means Wednesday is definitely an off day.

Good Training,

Happy Anniversary

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary to Shani. Hard to believe it has been 11 years. This year’s gifts, a convection oven and new office furniture! (We did a cruise for our 10th) For those that wonder, you can’t train for an Ironman without a supportive spouse. That is why I know how lucky I am.

After heading out for some Cinnamon Rolls to cook in the new oven this morning I managed to get a short ride in for about 30 miles. The cool part was the temperature of 70 degrees at the start. I have not been able to get out on the bike much this past month because of work, holidays etc, so it was nice to get out for a little cruise.

Tomorrow is the last long run of the marathon training with a 2:15 effort +/- 17 miles. I can’t wait to be done with that one. It is not that I don’t enjoy running, I just have not enjoyed training for the marathon.

Yesterday I managed to get a swim in during lunch which was fun since I have not been in the water for a few weeks either. I felt suprisingly good for such a long layoff. A couple of weeks back I had swam with TJ Fry, a local phenom here and he did some underwater video of our swimming. He pointed out that I had some slipping with my arms underwater probably causing me to give up some pull when I get tired. Now I just try and keep a steady pull from start to finish. The good news was we did some 50’s on the :40 and I was pretty comfortable coming in around :33.

We also headed by our team sponsor’s new bike store BikeLane now off of I-45 and 242. The place was huge and must be a dream for the owners to have such an awesome location. I know they will do well there. Ken the local mechanic is legendary around here and you would not dream of taking your bike anywhere else. He is going to order me up some new Time pedals for the Q-Roo.

I also sucked it up and signed up for the Lonestar Qtr IM in Galveston in April. We go their every year and I happen to be the 2 time 35 – 39 AG champion! However, I am going to keep the long stuff at bay for a while longer this season and only race the Qtr. These guys do an awesome job with the race and it is always fun to go. All though they started a new 70.3 race in New Orleans the same weekend, I look forward to supporting Keith Jordan and the Galveston Community.

Lastly, my friend Mike brought what my wife refers to as the Nerd Box, that is the Honda Element. I have to admit, it is a pretty cool car for endurance sports. But it does look like a box for endurance nerds.

Happy New Year

Before I get into New Years Day, here is an update on yesterday’s inervals. I had 7 x 1 mile repeats at 15 – 20 seconds faster than goal marathon pace, which means I hold about 6:50 per mile. My legs felt pretty strong from the start so I clicked off the intervals with no problem. I enjoyed listening to IM Talk and found the Hot Tub when I was done. Basically, a pretty good day!

Today is New Years day and time for resolutions. I think I speak for many triathletes out there, especially those doing IM races that resolutions are kind of silly. Most of us have goals already set for the upcoming season and we don’t just think about working out more, we would kill to work out more! For us it is not about losing weight, but about competing and letting our bodies get to the point where we are the fastest.

Back in 2002 I found myself training for my first marathon. I stopped worrying about losing weight, diets and other silliness and started training. I found a sport I loved to do and started doing it. For me, running is fun, swimming is fun and cycling is fun. If you are looking to get fit, find something you like and go out there and challenge yourself. Instead of saying, I am going to get in shape, set a resolution to break 4 hours in the marathon, break 1:30 in the 1/2 or like me in 2008? qualify for Kona.

What makes the above goals different than most is they have a set point of accomplishment and they allow you to enjoy the journey. Training for an event like the Ironman requires a lot of time. If you don’t enjoy the training, then you are in the wrong sport. Yes there are days that are tougher to get motivated than others, but 99% of the time, I just love being out there.

This Year’s goal is simple for me, cross the finish line along Ali Drive. The good part is I have 10 months to enjoy the journey of getting ready to compete in Kona.

Today marks the official start of the 2009 tri-season, so whatever your race goal is, set it and go get it!

Good Training,